Sunday, 4 May 2014

My new study: Alex by IKEA

I've dreamed for a study quite some time now and this weekend I am making this dream come true (well, partially that is). I went over to IKEA earlier this week to buy a two meter wide white desktop with two sets of drawers underneath (Alex). I have removed most of my stuff from my bedroom, which will be my new study.
laying out desk parts and tools
Laying out desk parts and tools.
assembling the drawers
Assembling the drawers
My sister came over to help me, she is very good at assembling stuff so I let her put together my new desk. The rug is Stockholm by IKEA.
first set of Alex drawers done
First set of Alex drawers done
Alex is a fact
Alex is a fact
This is how it looks like now, I am half way done. At the end of yesterday I wasn't feeling very good, so I'm afraid I'd have to finish this some other time as I spent most of today in bed.
Hope you are having a good weekend!

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