Sunday, 11 May 2014

Sandy photos

The thing with contemplative photography is, that if you had a true flash of perception, really made contact with what you saw, made the correct visual discernment and took the appropriate decisions concerning forming the equivalent, the photos that you took will be sort of etched in your memory. The experience of what you saw is so complete, you save it in a save place on your own personal hard drive somewhere in your body. I will not go to where you exactly save it (your brain, belly or maybe in your aura). 
Anyways, I am still going through the pictures of that workshop 'Making contact' from 2012 and have a surplus on photos of sand that I would like to show. They still made impact on myself and I could feel my own stillness from that day.
Interesting, no?
mosaic with photos of sand
mosaic with photos of sand
And I am quite happy with this MosaicMaker, can you tell? lf you would like to read the full blog post, please go over here.

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