Thursday, 29 May 2014

About pattern

I love patterns! I always find myself looking at and taking pictures of them. Below is a list of the most essential blog posts about pattern in Contemplative photography level 1, it is the second basic assignment. Clicking on 'Patttern in Limoges/France', brings you to an explanation about pattern given during the workshop in Limoges in the summer of 2013.
street: orange pattern
Street: orange pattern
a fool for pattern
A fool for pattern, June 2014
Prague: patterns in the street
Prague: patterns in the street, 2014
walk around campus
Walk around campus, 2014
Miksang & meditation, top 3 of day 3
Miksang & meditation, top 3 of day 3, 2014
Pattern in Limoges/France, 2013

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