Thursday, 15 May 2014

People and cameras

This is the last post in the row concerning the workshop 'Making Contact' that I did in 2012 (time is really flying). I'll show a few photos of my fellow participants and they way they hold their camera. Remember that I said that we looked like paparazzi? Well, here you can actually see what we looked like.
Corné and his big camera
Corné and his big camera.
Hèlen's hands
Hèlen's hands are resting on her camera.
Marije keeping her camera ready
Marije is keeping her camera ready at all times.
participant taking a photo
One of the other participants (oops, I totally forgot her name) looking, focussing and taking a picture. Both her eyes are open.
I am taking a picture
And this is apparently how I take photos. Never knew what kind of face I pulled while doing that.
And you, do you close one eye when you take a photo or do you have both eyes open?

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