Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Green stuff on cars

A short blog post today as I am still feeling not quite well. I went to work yesterday, I was physically present but not quite mentally. And as today was my day off I spent it fruitfully (carrying some stuff from one room to another) with a lot of rests in between.
As most days I took my camera with me and there were a few cars in my street that drew my attention, especially one black car that was covered in green 'stuff'.
green stuff on black car I

green stuff on black car II

green stuff on black car III
See what I mean?
black car with raindrops
And then there was this other black car (sorry, I always forget what kind of cars, I really should make a note of it) with lots of raindrops on it and two tiny petals.
twig on red car
Last but not least there was this twig on a red car. It caught my eye as I walked past it and I was stopped.
Hope you had a wonderful day.

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