Thursday, 24 July 2014

Maitri workshop: the follow-up part III

reflection in a black car
As a follow-up of the Maitri Practice Day last 6 July I had taken the white pair of glasses home with me to practice the effects of the colour of WHITE
reflection of gable in a car
After I got home from work yesterday I meditated for about 15 minutes to clear my head, sat in the appropriate posture for WHITE for about 17 minutes and noticed great discomfort in my neck, shoulders and knees. That is not so surprising as the posture is sitting on your knees and elbows with your head resting in your hands.
shadow of an arch on the wall
Apart from the uncomfortable posture I felt like being in a fog, it was the same feeling I had when we were doing WHITE during the workshop in June although not as strong.
shadows of scaffolding
When I went outside for my aimless walk I took a different route than I usually do, I walked very slowly and saw lots of shadows, light, reflections and white objects. I felt at peace and was enjoying looking around me.
shadows on blue-and-white tiles
Above is another example of shadows. It was quite windy and the shadows were moving all the time.
light on knotweed
Light, I noticed light everywhere. Especially in the summer when the sun is a little lower and the shadows become longer, light pops up here and there.

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