Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Maitri workshop: the follow-up

In continuation of the Maitri workshop I attended last month (see for the first post over here) I confess that I've practiced a little at home with a particular colour. On the last day of the workshop we were able to choose one or two glasses to take home with us and to practice with. I choose the green glasses as they made me feel in unison with my surroundings and I experienced a few reflective moments (read over here about GREEN).
green 'glasses'
Of course I waited until the last moment to experiment, as this Sunday we will gather again for the follow-up.
So, last night after dinner I put on my green glasses, laid down in the particular yoga posture that goes with GREEN for 20 minutes and observed how I felt. To begin with it was a bit weird to do this in my own surroundings and to see my own stuff from underneath a GREEN filter.
green bricks
What I further noticed was that those 20 minutes seemed to take ages, I became very restless towards the end (I even contemplated quitting earlier), I had a lot of thoughts about my daily worries, I experienced the posture as rather uncomfortable and my breathing also became restless. When I took off my glasses everything seemed purple for a moment or two. Then I went outside to take an aimless stroll for about 20 minutes.
blue and white tiles with shadow

salmon-coloured roses

red ball of paper
Mainly I saw two things: little colourful objects and lots of reflections.
reflections in a black Landrover

reflections in a black car

reflections in a blue car
I didn't meditate beforehand, maybe I should have, I don't know but I was simply trying to get this assignment propped in my schedule. Tomorrow I will do this again and I am curious as to what I will experiment then. I'll keep you posted....

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