Monday, 28 July 2014

Trying out my fixed 100mm lens

One of my goals this staycation is to try out my new 100mm lens. It is a fixed lens so it doesn't zoom in or out, I have to do that myself by coming closer or moving away from an object.  Also, a 100 mm lens has a macro function so I can actually shoot texture from close by and it has little depth of field. That is quite trendy nowadays, but it is totally not Miksang because the human eye sees a surface totally in focus and not partially.
moss on wooden bench
Today it rained dreadfully most of the day, but when it finally stopped I took the opportunity to go out and take my camera to our front garden. Drops were everywhere, it was such a joy to see. Here are some of the first pictures with this fixed lens.
raindrops on leaf
I could get pretty close to the leaf. Because it is a flat surface most of the leaf and drops are in focus.
orange flower with raindrops
In this photo the focus is in the middle of the picture, but looking at it now I would have liked the focus to be on one of the wet petals of the flower. So this is something I have to take into consideration: know beforehand where I want the focus to be.
red and yellow flowers
This is also a picture that is not quite successful: the focus seems to be on the green leaf and that is not where I want it to be. Again: think before I shoot.
orange flowers after rainfall
This picture comes more into the lines of how I want the lens to work for me. The focus is on the two flowers close by and the flowers in the background are really out of focus so the viewer experiences depth.
yellow flowers after rainfall
This picture is ok but not spectacular: the flowers are close to each other and the depth of field is so that all the flowers are pretty much in focus.
I am quite happy with the above picture: the snail and part of the wooden bench are in focus, but the left part of the picture is out of focus, that part is further away from the viewer.
I can safely conclude that I need to practice way more to understand how this lens can work for me at its best.

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