Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Painting and sanding

girl power
Last Friday and Saturday I helped out my sister (photo above on the right) sanding and painting in her new 'old' apartment; she received the keys last week and it was in dire need of intense cleaning and painting.
bare living room
We worked hard and saw the apartment slowly transforming. She is by no means ready yet, but every lick of paint makes a difference.
colour swatches
She'd collected some colour swatches for a little inspiration. For the moment she is painting all the walls, built-in cupboards and plinths white as the previous owner left some hideous colour combinations.
 Floor abstract.
sister in hallway
My sister painting the hallway. I love this door: it gives a psychedelic effect and leaves in a lot of light.
print in canvas chair
My eldest niece came by to help out for a couple of hours. The apartment was so dusty that she left a print of her jeans in the chair she sat on.
My sister painting the ceiling. Pink is slowly disappearing and white is emerging. The colour swatches are probably for details in the apartment. I will let you know how it all will turn out.

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