Wednesday, 13 August 2014

DIY: painting a wicker chair

Ages ago my parents gave me this wicker chair along with a wicker table that I lost a few years later. My father had already given it a layer or two of white primer and it was ready for me to colour it to my choosing. I liked the white, so I left it the way it was for years, but since the breakup of my relationship I have spent a lot more time at home and I was inspired by many pictures on the internet of colourful interiors.
DIY painting a wicker chair, before
So during my staycation I had ample time to tackle this project: I went to the hardware store to buy some water based paint and after a thorough cleaning I painted it. I choose the colour that was close to the yellow in the pillows of the couch.
living room before
living room before
ready to paint
I painted the chair yellow, I mean yellow. I was quite shocked with my own audacity to give my living room a pop of colour.
wicker chair after
But now that I have been looking at it for about two weeks I am quite happy with it.
living room after
living room after
Also, my plan is to paint the legs of the table but in a soft tone of peach or salmon. My thoughts have been on light blue but that is also a cold colour and I'd like to add some warmth to the space. What do you reckon?
colour swatches
colour swatches

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