Sunday, 10 August 2014

Simplicity: another attempt

cat in the grass
I was out photographing with one of my male Miksang buddies yesterday. He came to Amsterdam to have a little practice by ourselves. He suggested we'd explore the field of Space. Michael Wood explains in his book: "The Simplicity assignment explores the relationship between form and space, emphasizing form. The space assignment continues this exploration, but this time the emphasis is on space."
shadow on white curtain
"The challenge in the space assignment is to shift your intention from seeing forms in space to seeing space itself - space that surrounds things and space that is between things."
silver Citroën
I must confess I've never followed a workshop Space before so I didn't really know what it was about beforehand, except that it was about experiencing the feeling of space and that it was very subtle so we needed to be well-grounded otherwise we might miss it.
silver cup in window
Looking back at the pictures and reading the text in The Practice of Contemplative Photography makes me realize that what I saw and experienced could be more categorized under Simplicity.
silver railing on brick wall

yellow bicycle bell

peach coloured roses against a green curtain
Do you agree with me? Do you experience the contrast of form and space more than the quality of space itself?

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