Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Staycation is over: back to work!

My staycation is over, actually already by a week and a half but I've been postponing to get back to you about it. I had set myself some goals for the staycation and below I will tell you how I went about it.
  • start my calligraphy E-course. Ehm, I actually started last weekend, so that's a week after my staycation. Only last weekend I felt that I had the space in my head to actually sit down and start the process and I am loving it. Here is a picture of my first efforts (Roman capitals):
    first attempt at calligraphy: Roman capitals
  • finish organizing my study. I tackled that for the most part: I placed an extra shelf in the bookcase, cleared out most rubbish on my new desk and hung up some cheerful images (the framed painting is from my hand, painted on the second Yoku class). Below is a picture of my desk right now. It is a happy place for me to be.
    my desk
  • upload pictures from former travels and citytrips from before my blogging time. I started on that and uploaded one trip (to Braunfels, Germany), but realized there were way too many trips. I decided to make it an autumn/winter project and to maybe upload a trip every week (travel Tuesday?).
  • finish my photo book on Summer 2013. Finished! Look for the book over here. I am quite happy with it.
  • do little DIY projects like: folding envelopes with pretty paper, painting quotes or words on canvas. Have not started on those, but I bought all the materials so it is just a matter of timing. I did make another small DIY: sea shells in a glass jar.
  • be a tourist in my own town of Amsterdam and visit at least two museums. I actually went to one museum and that was the Design Museum Ghent (Belgium). Highly recommended.
  • try out my 'new' secondhand 100 mm lens that a friend gave me. I showed my first and only attempt over here. I definitely need to practice more.
  • paint a wicker chair and a living room table. Yes, I painted my wicker chair yellow, but I am still pondering on the colour for the living room table. Below you can see what my living room looks like now:
    living room
  • go to Ghent on a weekend trip. Check! We had a lovely time in Ghent. We made plans to go back there in winter time.
    tea in Ghent, Belgium
  • try out more exotic juices and smoothies. Did that, mainly smoothies. You can see them on my smoothies page.
Overall I had a wonderful time, saw lots of girlfriends, enjoyed the sunny weather (no guarantees in Holland about the sun and temperatures) and I was creative. One spoiler: my broken up relationship. I guess it will take me some time to heal.

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  1. Wat een heerlijke creatieve vakantie heb je er van gemaakt! Leuk en passend ook die tekst : "do more of what makes you happy". Nou, daar doe je niet aan onder :). xxxx Vir


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