Saturday, 16 August 2014

DIY: Glass jar with sea shells

This is a really simple DIY, maybe even too simple to explain. It was mentioned in the special vacation issue of Dutch magazine Flow and I thought it was a good idea to have some of my memories of this staycation displayed in my living room.
couch and glass jar with sea shells
I was inspired by the article to actually do something with my beach finds like shells and little pieces of driftwood.
flow vakantieboek 2014
flow vacation book 2014 / flow vakantieboek 2014
sea shells in a glass jar
I bought a medium size glass jar without a lid, covered the bottom with a piece of drift rope, put the three pieces of driftwood in the jar and arranged the razor clams around them. I finalized with a few pieces of clam shells and the more exotic shells I found in India two years ago. Et voilà! Not much to it, but very nice to look at and it's a reminder of those summer beach walks.
sea shells in a glass jar II

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