Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Animals and humans on a sunny Autumn day

floating people in an Amsterdam canal
The evenings are becoming longer and the days shorter, that makes it more and more difficult to photograph after I come home from work. I am thinking of new topics or projects to share on the blog and to take more pictures in the weekend, on my days off.
two people holding hands
two people sharing each other's company
two couples
Last weekend I took a lot of photographs outdoors: on running errands, doing groceries or simply going from A to B.
coot with head in bag of crisps
duck sleeping on one leg
two coots grooming their feathers
So I walked around with my camera and recorded moments and impressions. The coot above made me laugh because it stuck its head deep into the crisp bag digging out what was still left in there. The duck in the middle surprised me with his yoga pose and that while sleeping! The two coots below were just like any ordinary couple: together but doing their own thing at the same time.
slashed forehead
cut beauty
These two beauties made me smile because they have their heads slashed open and they don't seem to mind. The lines in their faces made me stop.
dog waiting for its boss
And then there some pets, the dog above was waiting for its boss outside the supermarket. They always have such a sad expression on their faces when they are waiting.
white cat sitting on motorcycle
white cat looking at pigeon
I stumbled upon this white cat twice. I spotted him/her before, looking into the kitchen of an Indian restaurant around the corner. Apparently he/she was very intrigued with what was going on in there.
cat sleeping in shop window
And finally there was this cat, sleeping in a shop window without any conscience of its surroundings. I love it when cats do that. They just curl up and sleep anywhere they please.

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