Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Leaves and bicycles

raindrops and leaves on bike saddle
Yesterday a storm raged over our country and specifically in the coastal area. There was a yellow alert and people were advised to stay at home as much as possible.
fallen bicycle
In the morning everything was fine, but the winds got stronger in the afternoon. I left my bike at work and took the tram back home. It didn't seem that bad, but I noticed there were sudden violent winds that could knock you off your socks.
leaf under bike wheel
Today I went for a walk around the block at work and noticed what the storm had left behind. That was not so bad, a lot of leaves had been blown about the place and some bicycles were blown over.
leaves in bicycle basket
Thankfully the storm didn't leave much national damage either which made it easier to enjoy the little disasters.
I enjoyed how the leaves had been blown everywhere, they were scattered as if a whirlwind had swept through them. And in a sense that is of course what happened.
leaves under a bicycle wheel
shadow of a bicycle wheel
Welcome to Autumn!

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