Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Yoku: Follow up on grass painting

Yoku painting; grass
Last month we had our first Yoku session of the season and I painted grass on a canvas (read the complete article over here), do you remember? Well, the painting was not dry so I could not take it home with me at the time, but two weeks later at the next Yoku session I saw it again and I immediately thought that the painting was too white. The grass needed more density. 
more density in the grass
So last weekend I picked up my brushes and painted a lot more grass and I also painted the edges of the canvas green (not really shown in picture below). To me the painting has a more grassy feeling about it.
two paintings of nature
I hung it next to the Nature painting of last week and I think they are a good duo, especially in combination with the colours of the vintage articles below them. Photography is a little difficult as the wall gets no direct sunlight all day around. 
two paintings of nature above my cabinet
Everytime I walk past the paintings I get a happy feeling, because they remind me of my state of being when I made it and they were created out of a deep feeling of connection with myself. I am learning to be happy with myself these days, therefore my mantra for this month is: I am happy with myself.

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