Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Foggy Zuidas

two towers in the mist
Yesterday I walked along the Zuidas during my lunch break. It was cold and foggy, not the ideal weather for a little stroll, but inhaling fresh air and stretching the legs are supposed to be good for a person and I could use a little break in my working day.
stairway leading to nowhere
I have noticed during this little Miksang walks that if I focus on looking around me at what is out there I can forget about work for a minute, relax and enjoy being on this planet no matter what the weather is like.
tower in the mist
tram wires
So even on a grey like yesterday without much colour I enjoyed myself immensely, even more so when I spotted this worker's tub with an actual man in it (see photo below).
worker's tub
Looking back at this photo I can't help but wonder that this man's occupation is so different than mine. It must be quiet up there, he can see the world from a different view and he probably asks himself why we are looking so incredibly busy. And he is right, we should take our work into perspective (at least I should): if I am run over by a tram tomorrow, is the stress about work the most important thing in my life or is that the appreciation of every day life and its little moments of magic? What says ye?

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