Sunday, 5 October 2014

Photo challenge

During the past five days I participated in a photo challenge on my private Facebook page and today was the last day. I was 'nominated' or rather invited by a friend from the Miksang group. Implicitly the photos were supposed to be about fresh moments in the day-to-day life, but not all Miksang friends followed that silent 'rule'. The magic of every day life, that is what Miksang contemplative photography is all about and I used it in the challenge.
Here is what I posted the past five days:
day 5 of the photo challenge
day 5 of the photo challenge, Amsterdam
day 4 of the photo challenge
day 4 of the photo challenge, Zandvoort
day 3 of the photo challenge
day 3 of the photo challenge, at home
day 2 of the photo challenge
day 2 of the photo challenge, VU University
I had mixed feelings about the challenge: I liked the challenge itself but what I didn't like about it is that it made me feel obliged to say yes to it. This is the same thing I experienced as a child and teenager with chain letters, do you remember those? What I did like about the challenge is that it made me even more aware of everyday life, of being in the moment, because I had to deliver one photo a day during five consecutive days. I guess that's why it's called a challenge.
day 1 of the photo challenge
day 1 of the photo challenge, Westerpark, Amsterdam
On the other side, I found it difficult to 'nominate' others, who could I possibly pick that would like something like this and who takes photos on a regular basis. I invited a few people from the Miksang group and some people from my personal friends. It makes me curious to see what they will come up with in the next couple of days. I hope they will all participate, but I foresee one person who will refuse.

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