Friday, 31 January 2014

Buddhas of Zandvoort

Walking around Zandvoort during the workshop last weekend I noticed and photographed a lot of buddhas. There were only two shops selling buddhas, but each of them had a large variety as you can see below.
hands of a grey buddha
Hands of a little gey buddha. The hands seem half folded towards each other, but the gesture is not entirely clear.
jade colored buddha
Jade colored buddha with hands in the Dyana mudra:the gesture of absolute balance, of meditation.
smiling face of a fat grey buddha
Smiling face of a fat grey buddha with eyes closed.

hands and feet of black buddha
Hands of buddha with palms facing up, a gesture of receiving.
laughing fat buddha
Laughing fat buddha
pink buddha
Pink buddha with price tag around the neck.
pink ganesh and buddha
Pink ganesh and buddha with their hands covering their eyes.
purple buddha
Purple head of buddha in my hotel room.
smiling fat buddha
Smiling fat buddha with his face in his hands.
smiling grey buddhas
Smiling grey buddhas with hands covering their mouths.
weeping buddha
Weeping black buddha.
little buddha hands with mala
Hands of a little grey buddha with a small mala.

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