Monday, 27 January 2014

A walk around the garden

Sometime last week there was a beautiful day. I was with H. and we walked around in his garden, looking at what needed to be done in Spring.
a man's hand
It had rained a lot the past few days and the ground was muddy. That gave a wonderful reflection.
reflection of a man in a muddy pool
There was a bleak sun and it felt like Spring. A few birds were singing and for a moment we thought that winter was over, which would not be a good thing, as it is only January.
shadow of two people
H. showed me the edge of his garden and the neighboring lot that he could buy. Big question is: what is he going to do with it, as he is no farmer himself.
blue sky with bare trees
We noticed that the neighbor on the right had emptied his garden and flattened the ground. With the few large conifers sticking out his hedge, it looked kind of weird.
row of conifers

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