Thursday, 23 January 2014


My granny passed away last week and the funeral was Saturday at Katwijk, a beach town on the coast of the Netherlands. Granny became 103 years old and last year she was proclaimed the eldest citizen of Katwijk.
Katwijk harbors a lot of my childhood memories: unlike the rest of the family we lived far away from the town and when we came to visit we usually stayed a whole weekend or a large portion of our holidays. Going to Katwijk was always exciting for us: except for seeing grandpa and grandma, we would be meeting all the other cousins, uncles and aunts, and take numerous visits to the beach. Spring, summer, autumn and winter, no season could keep us away from a visit to the beach.
fishermen on the beach
After the funeral my sister and I went for a walk on the beach. For a Saturday afternoon it was quiet: a few guys were fishing, a couple of people were taking a walk with their dogs and/or kids.
black crow on the beach
There are massive works going on at the beach, apparently it is being broadened. Many tracks of shovels are to be seen, they create interesting patterns in the sand.
many tracks in the sand
The orange balloons were part of a partition: after this line it was strictly prohibited to walk on the beach, because of the danger of quicksand.
orange balls

wide tracks in the sand
It was a sad occasion, but it was great seeing all of my family again. And granny, we will miss you!

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