Thursday, 30 January 2014

Miksang & Meditation, top 3 of Day 2

Below follows my top 3 of the second day of the workshop Miksang & Meditation. Again, we started the morning with a 30-minute meditation to calm our minds. I noticed that during the day my flashes of perception were no high peaks anymore, but little bumps, even to the point that I sometimes wondered whether I had a flash or not. According to the teacher I had reached a certain level of equanimity, a certain level of availability which is why the peaks are not that noticeable anymore. She also noticed that my pictures contained a certain softness that wasn't there before.
man with green cap and red stripe

oriental fan with gold lettering

patterned moss with deer droppings
We also viewed each others photos again from yesterday and had to speak out loud when we felt that the image was fresh. That was quite revealing: there were some of my pictures that were very fresh to me (where I was definitely stopped), but not to others and vice versa. So, apparently freshness is not always experienced by everyone in the same way, as we all have our own package of thoughts, standards, patterns, likes and dislikes.

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