Wednesday, 29 January 2014

More pictures of Day 1, Miksang & Meditation

Yesterday I posted a few pictures of Day 1 of the workshop Miksang & Meditation, it was an assignment to select the top 3 of your pictures. That doesn't mean the best 3 pictures, but the 3 pictures which are the most fresh. Fresh means a fresh perception, a perception without thought or judgement, not constructed or arranged.
Today I post some of the other fresh perceptions I had during that first day of our wonderful workshop.
Apple gadgets
woman with camera
We started indoors, photographing the other participants and everything else in the room.
nuts on white plate
orange and grey pillows
part of red vase
 Then we went outside to photograph on our own in the streets of Zandvoort.
drawing of man on window
Zandvoort is a beach town, and in summer there are a lot of tourists. Now it was rather quiet. And even though it was cold, it was a pleasure for me to walk on the beach and look at the different qualities of sand.
striped sand

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