Monday, 20 January 2014

Reflections on July, 2013

Last July was another hot month and a month of vacation! I went to France for two intensive Miksang Contemplative Photography workshops in a row.
The first assignment was about color. See more on that over here.
color assignment

The second assignment was about pattern.
pattern assignment
Then came texture,
texture assignment
the sidewalkness of sidewalks,

assigment sidewalks
the treeness of trees,
assignment trees
and finally our field of perception was about people.
assignment people

Back home I continued a little on the sidewalkness of sidewalks, I found them incredibly fascinating.


And I shot two of the pictures that I exhibited at the Slotervaartverpleeghuis, some lovely reflections (what else?).
reflection in car

reflection in car
All in all a very productive month!

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