Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Second exhibition: Naarden

Last week I had a meeting with the organizer of the exhibitions at a large nursing home in Naarden. He was a very sympathetic man and explained about the possibilities. I had taken one of my prints on MDF to fit on the hooks (learning point from my first exhibition). He showed me the different hooks he had and he was confident that it would all fit.
long corridor in nursing home
There is room for about 30 pictures which to me is quite a lot. Presently I am sorting out my pictures and looking for suitable themes. He explained that artists sell about one piece per exhibition and pictures or paintings that depict something that is recognizable sell well, not abstracts.
wairting room ergotherapy
So keeping that in mind I'm flipping through my pictures again, looking for flowers, animals, trees, skies and so on. I will let you know more about this process.
wheel chair quick fit
I will hang the pictures on February 28th, I'm so excited!

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