Thursday, 16 January 2014

Reflections in cars

Yes, I've written it before, I just LOVE reflections. I can't help it. Earlier this week I went for a little walk around the campus, it had just rained, and I saw these wonderful branches reflected in cars. The raindrops were still visible on the hoods.
reflection in a black BMW
What is it that I like to much about reflections? First of all, I don't own a car myself, so to me it is a thing of wonder. I don't care about status and I don't have to compete with my friends who has the biggest or the brightest. I go for beauty, the round lines of the car and the patterns that appear of the objects reflected in them.
pattern of a tree reflected in a black car
Furthermore, I like that a reflection is kind of an abstract drawing, you don't really know what you see. It's disorienting. I also notice that with people who look at these pictures, they are not sure what they are looking at and that makes them a little nervous, just a little bit. Until I tell them what is is and then they wonder how I noticed it. You just have to look, it is all there.

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