Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Life | Scripted, II

overview excercise II of Life | Scripted
Last weekend I had a second attempt at the brush script e-course of Kal Barteski called Life | Script. Look over here for my first class of this e-course. The e-course has three classes in total: loading and cleaning the brush, drawing lines and finally lettering.
lettering a's in brush script
As a warming up I started drawing thick and thin lines again. Kal tells me in the video she does that almost every day and her studio is covered with paper sheets. Luckily she recycles her paper and I started doing that, too. I even started to take paper from the office that was chucked in the paper bin (see the sheet above).
Anyways, after drawing lines the assignment was to paint the letters of the alphabet in lower and upper case and to make every letter different than the other.
brush script: connecting alphabet in upper case
I then had to write the alphabet in all in capital or all in lower case and connecting the letters with each other as much as possible. That felt like learning to write again right from the start. Connecting upper case letters is not what I normally do in writing.
brush script: connecting alphabet in upper and lower case
Next was brushing the alphabet with alternating upper and lower case letters. Boy, that was not easy as my thinking was slower than the brush in my hand.
brush script: do your best
The last exercises were brushing a word or a couple of stacked words. That was much fun as now real words emerged which actually meant something. I am thinking of a little word for this year and writing it in brush script. More about that in a later post. So far I had a lot of fun with writing letters with a brush and black ink.

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