Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Venice revisited

We have plans, my friends and I, to go back to Venice for the carnival next month. The plans are actually quite definite as we have bought our tickets and reserved our apartment. My only objection was not having to make a totally new costume because I didn't have the time nor energy to spend on a new one. So I am taking one out of the closet, it is the costume that I wore last time.
dressed as a golden angel in Cafè Florian
In the picture above I am dressed as a golden angel in Cafè Florian, San Marco square, the place to be during carnival. To see and be seen. In no way does this 19th century dress fit with the costumes that the others are going to wear, but I am taking the risk, this is what it is and I will feel great in it. Venice has become quite familiar over the years. I love the colour of the water, the little alleys, the smell of freshly baked pane or the look of delicious ice-cream. I am soo looking forward to this trip.
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