Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Photograph of the Board

Board members Faculty of Theology, VU Amsterdam
photograph by Maurice Timmermans
Last Tuesday a man that I know through work as a consultant and came over at our Faculty in a totally different role namely as a photographer to take a photo of the Board. He came with lamps, tripod and a big Canon and set up our Board room for the photograph. He wanted  to take a kind of 'action' photo, so after he was all set up we came in with our meeting papers and iPads and pretended to be in a proper meeting. The light was difficult: it is winter, the sky was completely overcast, there are windows on one side of the room (the left side for the viewer) and of course there was the traditional office lighting from above. Not an easy task, because the lights kept reflecting in one the glasses of portraits on the wall.
We are all quiet enthusiastic about this picture: the light is soft, the atmosphere relaxed, it looks just like a modern version of an old-fashioned painting. Of course we women arranged for colour synchronization beforehand, the blue looks good on us both and it adds a splash of colour in the whole image.

The photographer is studying at an international Art School and he is passionate about photography. He especially likes to photograph people. Check out his website:

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