Sunday, 4 January 2015

Around here

Today is the last day of the holidays and that means going back to work tomorrow! It's been a real lazy holiday for me as you may have noticed, not a lot of blogposts as I was simply not there mentally. I was also not very active on other sorts of social media except Instagram.
Anyways: I wish you all a very happy New Year with lots of good health, love and happiness in 2015.
What's been going on around here?
Well, I've been watching lots of episodes of Downton Abbey and loving the quotes of the dowager.
I prepared a New Year's Eve party (theme: James Bond) together with my friend V. Below is the image we used for designing the prior invitation.
For Christmas I went to visit my family in Zwolle, stayed with my parents and sister.
I slept a lot.
my sister and one of her daughters
It froze a couple of nights.
We took a walk and we saw a bit of natural ice.
My sister made her first suspended garden.
suspended garden
I went to see the exhibition Magical Africa in De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam.
I went to see the exhibition on Vivian Maier in FOAM.
I printed about 60 photos of 2014 and took them to the Dharma-art group. I had them choose 5 of their favorite photos (I'm thinking of publishing a series of postcards).
60 photos of 2014 laid out on the floor
And of course I ate delicious food, drank a bit of wine, socialized and had a lot of fun.
What did you the past few weeks?

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