Sunday, 18 January 2015

Morning glory

reflected clouds and trees in water
It was Saturday morning, a little after nine as you can see on the clock below and I was cycling to my destination: a meditation weekend at the Shambhala center which is located a little behind the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
morning light on the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
It was quiet in the streets (who is up so early on a Saturday morning?), the sky was clear, the temperature was just around 0 degrees Celsius and the light was shining its orange rays on the buildings. The golden hour.
reflection of a tree in water
When I reached my destination I parked my bike and looked around me. I was wide awake even though it was early for me too, my awareness was open and the light and the reflections in the canal touched my eyes and heart.
reflection of houses in an Amsterdam canal
I just stood on that bridge for a while, looked around me and enjoyed immensely what I saw. With a happy heart I went into the building for a full day of instructions on mediation. I will let you know more about that later in the week.

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