Saturday, 29 November 2014

Autumn blues

branch in water
Autumn is well on it's way. I get up in the dark now, cycle to work when it's dawning and cycle back home in the dark. It's easy to get depressed in these times.
lamppost with bare branche
What all these pictures have in common is the colour blue, from bright blue to a  faint hint of blue. And that is exactly how I feel: sometimes I am totally ok with the season and I am loving the great colours of nature. That gives me a lot of energy and motivation to get through the evenings.
reflection of a tree in water
But now the temperatures are dropping below zero at night and it gets colder to cycle around, I prefer to stay indoors and do nothing. Maybe reading a book, watching some TV or to shuffle around the house a bit. 
reflection of a house in a car
That is probably quite natural, I mean some animals take a winter sleep and lots of plants and trees withdraw themselves and look like there is not a lot of life in them.
reflection of a house in a car II
I really notice the change in me: lack of light is a big thing. One of the things that helps me is to go outside during the day whenever I have a chance.
seagull on a lamppost
During the weekend or on my day off I take a walk with my camera to enjoy the everyday world around me. I notice it makes me happy to just look around me and to capture what resonates within me.
What do you do to ward off the Autumn blues?

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  1. I curl up, try some new recipes, make photo albums, read books, and sing, actually quite a lot!


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