Thursday, 6 November 2014

Calendar 2015

Today I compiled and ordered my calendar for 2015. I have a week off and this was one of the chores I planned for this week. One copy of the calendar will hang on the shared guest room door on our floor. We use the calendar to make reservations for the guest room by writing your name on the specific dates. The other copy will hang in my work room so that I can have a look at some my pictures of the previous year.
pink petals on metal sheet
January, 2015
I selected photos that I took in the neighborhood, the Vondelpark and in the city of Amsterdam, so it's linked to our house and the people that live in it.
sleeping swan in an Amsterdam canal
February, 2015
The shape of the calendar was landscape so I selected most of my pictures accordingly. I actually took the picture in the corresponding month and I still remember where I took them, how I felt at the time and what I was doing.
view on the canal houses, Amsterdam
March, 2015
reflection of canal houses, Amsterdam
April, 2015
bus zone
May, 2015
swimming swan and its young ones
June, 2015
For July I choose two pictures, portrait shape. 
shadows on a tiled wall

shadows on a tiled wall
July, 2015
geranium and green leaf on the sidewalk
August, 2015
orange gladioli in dumpster
September, 2015
I enjoyed going through my pictures tremendously, not only because of the photos themselves but also because of all the things that happened, workshops I followed, quality time spent with friends and family and the changes in my life.
footstep in sand with sea foam
October, 2015
November has two pictures too:
window with red ivy
leaves and reflection of yellow tree
November, 2015
For December I took a picture of last December for obvious reasons.
sunset in the Vondelpark, Amsterdam
December, 2015
I ordered the calendars at Vistaprint, they will be delivered by the middle of the month and I can hardly wait!

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