Sunday, 16 November 2014

Photo book: Visit to Castle Muiderslot

cover photo book Castle Muiderslot
cover photo book
It took me a while to finish but I finally did it, I completed the photo book of the 50th wedding anniversary of my parents which we celebrated at the end of August at Castle Muiderslot. When I was working on the book I imagined the number 50 in large golden numbers on the cover, but the colour of the letters in the programme that I used didn't have a colour that came close and sticky numbers of that size were not available.
5 with gold marker
So I decided to draw them myself with the aid of a template, not on the cover but on the very first page when you open the book. The cover was quite glossy and I wasn't sure wether the gold of the marker would stick to it.
50 years in gold
50 years in gold
I must say my solution worked pretty well to me. My dad later said he preferred it in the inside of the book and not on the cover.
inside photo book Castle Muiderslot 
inside photo book Castle Muiderslot
Inside the photo book I used different templates: existing and created ones. When we were at the castle I saw this picture of a swordsman and I knew immediately then that I wanted to create a spread with all of us on it. I very much like how this page turned out.
inside photo book Castle Muiderslot
I grouped pictures around a little theme on the pages and switched between colour and black & white. The latter I used for pictures which were technically not that good or where colour was not relevant to the image. I also quite like this mix and match.
inside photo book: dressing up
During the visit of the castle I noticed that the kids loved dressing up, that became a spread too.
visit to Afsluitdijk
On the blogpost of the visit of the castle itself I don't show any pictures of where we stopped on the way back: the Afsluitdijk. It is one of the major dikes in Holland connecting the west and the east of the country. From a distance you can see the cityscape of Amsterdam.
wrapped photo book
I wrapped the photo book and sent it to my parents. Last night they called me to say thank you in a big way, they were overwhelmed by it. They loved how it captured the atmosphere of the day, the diversity in lay-out, the quality of the book, the clarity of the pictures and that we were all portrayed in the photographs. Well, if that is not a great compliment I don't know what is!
This book is made with Vistaprint.

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