Monday, 3 November 2014

Red leaves

balcony with red ivy
There is a house in my street with a balcony and a large ivy growing up the facade. In Autumn this ivy turns red, bright red I might say.
window with red ivy
It never stops to amaze me and when I feel that Autumn is coming close I look forward to the changing of the colours.
red leaves on the sidewalk
I love it when the leaves are adorning the facade of the house and I love it when those leaves start falling down and brighten up the sidewalk underneath.
red and yellow leaves
red leaves in the sunlight
A little further down the street there is a whole wall covered in ivy. It is a different ivy and the leaves have a different shape and colour, but they are bright red none the less.
red and green leaves 
red leaves against a brick wall
This is one of the little everyday things that make me happy and for which I am very grateful. What makes you happy?

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