Sunday, 9 November 2014

Exhibition: The future of fashion is now

After a delicious lunch we went to the exhibition 'The future of fashion is now' in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. The museum exhibits pieces of young designers from all over the world who have a critical view on the current fashion system with themes such as sustainability, futuristic technologies and the social values of cloths. Below are a few of the items I liked.
Anrealage (Japanse brand, 2003): 'Bone', 2 outfits, spring/summer 2013. Various fabrics and laser-cut polyester, made fluorescent.
This collection consists of cage constructions in bright, glow-in-the-dark colours.
paper dress by Jum Nakao
Dress by Jum Nakao (1965 Brazil): 'A Costura do Invisível' - Sewing the Invisible, spring/summer 2004. Assemblage of vegetable paper, aluminium, glue, polypropylene and video.
Following the poetic, fairytale-like show, all the beautiful garments - which required almost a ton of paper and 700 hours of work - were ripped to shreds by the models. Nakao is concerned not with materials, but with reflecting upon our value systems.

Waver (2 dresses) by Shao Yen
'Waver' (2 dresses) by Shao Yen (Taiwan, 1981), autumn/winter 2010-2011. Cashmere, lycra, nylon, video.
Shao Yen studied metalworking and jewelry design, but in the 1990s was intrigued by the sculptural approach of designers like Issey Miyake. 'Waver' consists of bumps that have no relationship to the human body. The forms are inspired by waves crashing on a beach.
Ferro Fluid Dress by Iris van Herpen
'Ferrofluid Dress' by Iris van Herpen (the Netherlands, 1984), autumn/winter 2014/2015, installation.
Iris van Herpen creates refined, futuristic collections with a combination of delicate handwork, digital technologies and innovative materials. The waist of the 3D-printed dress has a structure of open lines, into which ferrofluid drips from above.
Sleep suit by Forrest Jessee
'Sleep suit' (2010), by Forrest Jessee (USA, 1977), laser-cut EVA foam.
'Sleep Suit' makes it possible for the wearer to sleep wherever they are. It is a kind of a construction that is put over the body.
Hug me by Si Chan
'Hug me' by Si Chan (China, 1989), two garments, autumn/winter 2012, nylon, lining, other materials.
During his study in London, Chan felt very isolated among his competitive fellow students. He believes that a simple hug can break through the loneliness.
installation by Dooling Jiang
Digest Design workshop (2010) by Dooling Jiang (China, 1984). Our home: Nothing is impossible for a faithful heart, faith moves mountains, 2014, installation made with Dutch stones and Chinese fabrics.
This collection formed the basis for 'Our Home', a tent installation in which the designer hopes to awaken our primary instinct for refuge and protection.
installation by Lucia Cuba, 2014
Exercises on Health, Part I, 2014. Installation by Lucia Cuba (Peru, 1980), handwoven and embroidered cotton thread in red, black, white and pink.
Cuba attempts to provide an insight into how people experience sickness and health. The garments bear the stories op people's battles with cancer. Health is intangible and is hidden in a person's spirit or body.
Until 18 January, 2015.

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