Sunday, 2 November 2014

People in the Vondelpark

party of three in the Vondelpark
Today was another lovely day and after an enjoyable lunch with a girl friend I walked around the Vondelpark once more, just like yesterday.
two girls between the red trees
I consider myself lucky to live to close to the park. Since the break up of my relationship I need this little bit of nature in the weekends to quiet down and inhale the oxygen.
young family
And just like yesterday there were lots of people in the park walking, talking, cycling, photographing, sitting, laughing, reading or even writing.
photo shoot I 
photo shoot II
People were enjoying taking photographs of each other. 
reflection of people
young people
Couples were enjoying each other's company and checking out their surroundings. 
girl friends
men friends
young men sitting down
Friends were hanging out together, looking, talking and relaxing.
single guy writing
And I noticed this single man writing in his notebook. A traveller perhaps?

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