Friday, 14 November 2014

Pink sunrise

pink sunrise
This week has been a really busy week work wise as well as personally. At work I had two major meetings to prepare & take minutes of and there was a speech of an old professor for which I had organized all the logistics and which I hosted. I also took photographs of the event. On top of that I just came back from a week off, so there were lots of emails in my inbox waiting for a response. There was hardly time for breaks and no time to go out for a walk at work.
In the evenings I taught my own yoga class, had a meeting with all my housemates, went to a lecture about Shambhala buddhism and took a yoga class.  As I leave the house when it starts to get light and I cycle back home in the dark, there wasn't much opportunity to pick up my camera and have a look around me.
The picture above I shot Wednesday morning just before going to work, I looked out of the window and saw this incredible sky. It made my week!

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