Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Floating leaves

floating orange leaves
Yesterday I wrote about the walk at the botanical garden of the university during my lunchbreak and posted some pictures of leaves in the garden and on the sidewalk. Today's pictures of floating leaves are also taken at the botanical garden last Monday. There is a little bridge over troubled water and from it I had a great view on leaves that were floating by. 
floating orange and green leaf
I like in all of these pictures how the background has a different colour: that has not only to do with the sky and clouds but also with what is above the water. I find it rather bizarre that the colour of the ferns in the picture above is almost completely black & white. I didn't manipulate the picture at all, this is how it was.
floating orange and green leaf II
Two years ago I took this picture from exactly the same bridge.
five floating leaves
Today I went back to the botanical garden, it was completely different day: it was grey & overcast instead of sunny. As a result there was no colour in the water and the ferns looked even more black & white as they did last Monday.
floating orange leaf
floating orange leaf
yellow leaf with b&w ferns
yellow leaf with black & white ferns

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